Chick-Fil-A Chandeliers Are Made from Recycled Coca-Cola Bottles

There are many different types of artists. Some like to work with oil paint and others may like to draw with pencils but for Kathleen Plate, there is nothing quite like working with trash. She takes things that would usually find their way tossed to the curb and turns them into something quite awesome. When you learn how Chick-fil-A uses her skills, it might surprise you.

Inside each Chick-fil-A restaurant is a chandelier. Most people don’t really give it much thought, but Kathleen actually makes each of those chandeliers by cutting a Coca-Cola bottle in half. She uses diamonds and water for the cutting process and then melts the bottles to flatten them. Each bottle is then placed onto a sheet of glass using special glue that is typically for aerospace engineering.

Although people might think that the chandeliers at Chick-fil-A are made by a machine, they are handcrafted one by one. This artist not only has a unique ability, she truly has a vision and she has the opportunity to display her skills by making something quite unique for each and every Chick-fil-A restaurant in existence.

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