An Easy Way To Erase Anxiety And Worry WITHOUT Pills

If there is one problem that we all seem to deal with at some time or another, it is anxiety. In fact, some of us have it to the point where it is a chronic problem. If you have ever sat and worried over things you couldn’t control until it kept you up at night and made you anxious during the day, you know exactly what I mean.

Most of us who deal with chronic anxiety would like a way to fix the problem but, more than likely, we would want to avoid taking a pill. After all, pills only offer a temporary way of relieving anxiety and they come with a host of side effects, some of which might be worse than the worry we are trying to escape. Fortunately, there is help in an ancient healing method, known as acupressure.

There is a point on the body known as the Shen Men in Chinese. In English, the translation is “Spirit Gate.” When you learn how to work this point, it can help to calm your spirit and allow you go get on with your life again. Look at the following video and you will learn how to do it for yourself.