Create Your Own Lego-Friendly Surface With This Lego Tape

From the time that many of us were young, there was a particular toy that we played with and we probably still continue to play with them down to this day. I’m talking about Legos, and they are one of the most iconic items from our childhood. We even introduce them to our own children when the time is right.

There is an invention involving Legos that you are going to find absolutely amazing. It is Lego compatible tape and I’m surprised that this isn’t an official product already. It is an adhesive plastic strip with Lego bumps on one side. Quite simply, when you attach it to any surface, you will create a Lego surface that can be used for building to your hearts content.

From time to time, something new comes out and it really changes the way that we look at the world around us. This is one of those times, and once you see the Lego compatible tape, you will wonder why it was never invented before. You will also wonder how you were able to live your life without it.