Don’t Throw Your Old Wooden Bed Out, You Could Make This

When the time comes to replace your bed, many people simply disassemble it and then throw away the various parts. Now obviously the mattress is probably well past its sell-by date and totally unsalvageable, but depending on the age and style of the headboards sometimes you can have some top quality wood, that deserves far more than to be thrown away on the scrap heap.

You tuber “ShabbyDiy” shows us how to make a wonderful garden bench by uplifting those sleigh bed style headboards. With very little effort and a lick of bright colourful paint, your old bed can perform a wonderful service for many more years to come.

Perhaps the most difficult challenge in this whole DIY process is cutting the wood to the right size. But even if you don’t own a saw, a quick trip to your local DIY store and they will cut the wood to your exact dimensions for you. When you consider the money you spent buying the bed in the first place, and research the prices of a good quality garden bench you will be totally shocked at the money this little project will save you. And with so many of these sleigh bed headboards in use today, this project should be simple to complete, even if you don’t have one yourself.

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