Make These Adorable Sock Bunnies Quickly And Easily – No Sewing Involved

It seems as if we move from one holiday to the next, and the next one that is coming up on the list is Easter. It is time to prepare now, not only so you can have some happy children in your life but so you are ready with something interesting as well. As far as that is concerned, this DIY project is one you will love.

Typically, Easter means candy for most children and they may have their fill by the time the holiday is over. Many parents will also raid the candy, typically while the children are asleep. You may want to start a new tradition in your household by making these stuffed bunnies and giving them as a gift. Not only are they adorable, they are super simple to make and you don’t have to sew a single stitch.

The only thing you really need to get started is some orphaned socks, which most of us have plenty throughout the year. Once you see how easy these are to make, you will begin saving socks for next Easter right away.