Man Helps His Mother-In-Law Move Into His Home By Transforming His Garage

Ask any parent and they will tell you, it is beneficial to have a grandparent living nearby. After all, they are typically more patient with the child, they have a lot more experience and they are there for us at a moment’s notice when we need some help. That is why, when Martin Brown had his son, he wanted to help his mother-in-law to live nearby. As it turns out, she ended up a lot closer than what she even expected.

Sometimes, it can be difficult for extended family to live in the same home as it is a little too close for comfort. What Martin did, however, was to transform his old, dingy garage into an awesome little home where his mother in law could live. It is only 480 sq feet but, by the time he is finished, it is absolutely phenomenal!

So the features that are available in this tiny home include its own bathroom, large glass doors, skylights and a kitchen bar area. Take one look at this little home and you will know it is the perfect lifestyle.

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