Take A Leaf Out Of This Lady’s Book For A Stunning Decorative And Original Idea

There is nothing like a little originality when decorating your garden, and let’s be totally honest here, a trip to your local DIY or gardening centre is highly unlikely to provide that. After all, that’s what everyone else does so your aim of originality simply won’t be achieved that way.

But this amazing yet stunningly simple idea with leaves will give you the perfect totally original idea and concept for your garden. If you make them thick enough there is even the potential to create your own leaf-shaped stepping stones, and that would be something really special.

The key to this is not fixating on perfection when choosing your leaf and finding a leaf that has really pronounced visibly defined veins. Those are what will make the pattern really pop and also create the talking point for your finished piece of work. Whilst, not the only leaf you can use for this project,Elephant ear leaves are one of the better choices, they are a great size and their veins and shape really blend well for this project. Watch the video below to see how the finished product is completed, and I can guarantee you,this will win you lots of compliments and admiring glances should you choose to make your own.


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