The Results Are In: Paper Can Cut Wood And They Have Video To Prove It

If you have to work with paper regularly, you probably already recognize that it has the ability to cut your fingers. There is nothing worse than a paper cut, but exactly what is paper able to cut? Do you think that it could cut a piece of wood? That is what they decided to try and the results are going to surprise you, perhaps even more than what you thought.

This experiment was done by Youtuber John Heisz. Although many of us would never have probably wondered if paper could cut wood, just assuming that it couldn’t, he decided to put it to the test. The piece of paper was put into a saw and spun at a high rate of speed. It was able to cut other pieces of paper easily, as well as cardboard but when they put the piece of wood up to it, they got quite a surprise.

The paper actually was able to cut through the wood and it made it through an inch or so before the paper finally bound. It is amazing to think that it was possible, and it just may change the way that you look at the rock, paper, scissors game.

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