Turn an Ordinary Shower Curtain into Awesome Wall Art

All of us want to have a comfortable home and part of making the home comfortable is ensuring that it is decorated properly. Although it would be nice if we could simply do anything we wanted to the home, we do need to pay attention to our budget in most cases. That is why you are going to absolutely love this DIY project. It is going to take an old shower curtain, or any shower curtain, and turn it into beautiful wall art. Best of all, it is done on a budget.

Do you have a spot in your home that just looks more like a blank canvas than a utilized area? Perhaps you are somebody that enjoys hanging pictures on the wall and there is just a certain spot that needs to be filled with something. This DIY project will fill that spot in a very whimsical and magnificent way. Best of all, it’s cheaper than buying a piece of art for the wall.

You will need a few things to get started, including several pieces of wood, a shower curtain and some nails and screws. It is all outlined in the video for you.

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