How to Remove Cores from Vegetables

It can be quite enjoyable to work in the kitchen and to prepare a meal that is not only delicious, it looks great and is nutritious as well. The unfortunate thing is, time is often a factor that is difficult to overcome, and we may have a problem cooking regularly because the prep time takes so long. If that is an issue for you, your life in the kitchen is about to get a lot easier.

One of the vegetables that we often use in the kitchen, particularly for preparing tasty salads, is iceberg lettuce. For many people, cleaning iceberg lettuce take some time but if you want to remove the core quickly and easily, it is as simple as lifting the lettuce in the air and smashing it down onto the countertop. You simply have to see it in action to believe how easy it is.

Bell peppers are also difficult to clean, especially when it comes to keeping the seeds contained in one area. This video also shows an excellent way to clean bell peppers so that it takes place quickly and the cleanup is a snap. After you watch this video, you will wonder how you ever survived in the kitchen before it.

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