The Best Cheese Hacks You Will Totally Love

There must be something about the letter C as all wonderful things start with that letter. Think about it Chocolate, Caviar, Champagne and of course, my personal favourite Cheese. I simply adore cheese and am always trying different types, flavours and combinations.

This video is going to teach you a few little cheese hacks, that are always good to know. For example did you know that dental floss makes a wonderful cheese slicer. Obviously, it is essential that you only use the non-flavoured variety, that goes without saying.

Maybe you are at work and fancy some homemade macaroni cheese to satisfy that cheese desire. Well, this video will show you the easiest way to do that in the office, it’s like Cup A Macaroni Cheese. Or maybe you would love to know how to grate cheese more easily and effectively, once again this video is your friend. I have been a cheese guru for the majority of my life, but I learned so many things from this video, that I am pretty certain you will also. So kick back watch the video and then plan your cheese feast for later, armed with an entire encyclopaedia of cheese knowledge.

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