The Kids Will Adore This Clever Watermelon Trick

Apart from Baby in “Dirty Dancing,” I can’t think of many other people who have been linked to a watermelon for fame and fortune purposes. Watermelons are not particularly sexy, but once you learn this sneaky little trick the humble watermelon could well make you the star of the next party you attend.

The trick is really simple to complete with a preparation time of about ten minutes. So realistically there is no excuse for anyone not to have a go at this.

What you need to begin with are two watermelons of the same size and shape. Set one of them aside and concentrate on the other. Slowly and carefully slice off all of the outer green skin of the fruit, until you are left with just the red inside. However good you are with a knife there is bound to still be knife marks or flat spots. So grab a new kitchen scrubbing pad and basically sand down the watermelon until it is shiny red and cylindrical all over. Now simply cut the second watermelon in half, scoop out all the innards, which you can use at the party, so they are not wasted, and then slide the smooth watermelon into the empty casing of the second one. Now you have the perfect party trick, as is demonstrated beautifully in the video below.

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