You Can Make This Magical Color Changing Cake For Your Next Party

The eye is certainly a wonderful part of the human body. It allows us to see things, both near and far and we even use the eye to recognize faces in the middle of a crowd. At times, however, the eye can trick us and there are even specific illusions designed to do so. This cake is a perfect example and when you see what happens to it, you will be amazed.

This cake has an optical illusion that makes it appear as if the cake is changing color. If the cake is spinning or even if you are walking around the cake, it will come alive in a most magical way. In fact, this is more than an illusion, it is a way of decorating a cake and you can do it at home.

This cool effect is achieved with the use of 2 colors. You can use any two colors you like but to keep things as pretty as possible, try to use complementary colors. It involves spraying the icing different colors, and when you are finished, you will have something that will impress even the most fickle party goer.

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