A 2 Second Trick To Let You Know If Your Batteries Are Dead

If there is one thing that many of us realise, it is that many of our electronic items require batteries. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about the toys you buy for your children on Christmas or if is it a tool you have in your toolbox, if the batteries run dead, you could be in trouble.

One of the problems that many of us have had is that we can never tell if the batteries are actually dead or not. Sometimes, it might be one of the batteries that has gone bad but which one is it? If you have the right tools, you might walk over to your toolbox and grab a tester but it turns out there is a much easier way to test them.

This little trick may be simple but you’re not going to believe how effective it is. Rather than worrying about which battery is bad, you can use this 2 second trick to know for sure. Once you know this trick, you will love it every time you need to use it.