A Mum Gives A Shoe-Tying Tutorial Video And Millions Of People Have Watched it

Many parents face the same difficulties when it comes time to get their children ready for school. One of the problems is teaching the kids how to tie their shoes, something that has been an issue since shoe laces were first invented. In many cases, we teach them the same method we have used, making a loop and pulling it through the hole. It takes practice but it does work.

As it turns out, there are other methods of tieing your shoes, including the one posted in this video. It tends to be much easier for children to learn and has even helped some families with special needs, such as autistic children. Since posting this simple video online, it has been viewed millions of times.

Some people claim that they have known about this shoe tying method for years but felt it was too difficult. Others have praised the efforts of this mother, who has made their lives and the lives of their children much easier. Give it a try, even if you are just tying your own shoes. It’s a catchy method.