How To Get A Perfect, Streak-Free Shine On The INSIDE Of Your Windscreen

Most of us really appreciate being able to jump in the car and go anywhere we want to go. It can be nice sometimes just to take a ride and look at the world go by. One problem that we might face in doing so is a dirty or streaked windscreen. In fact, a dirty windscreen will no only stop you from enjoying the scenery, it can even be a dangerous distraction.

Fortunately, there is something you can do to clean the inside of the windscreen and get rid of those streaks once and for all. In fact, you might be surprised with exactly how easy it is to do. All you will need are some microfiber towels, glass cleaner and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. You can substitute some rubbing alcohol for the Magic Eraser if you like.

There is a method that you use as well to make sure that your windscreen is spotless and free of streaks. You can see it performed in this video for you. Once you know how to do it properly, you will never go back to your old cleaning method again.