Most People Don’t Know What This Tool Is But They Were Very Common Several Decades Ago

If there is one thing that we recognise about the world around us, it’s the fact that it is changing quickly. It seems that something common in most households will quickly become outdated and replaced with something new and improved. Not only is this seen in technology, but it is also seen in hand tools and a wide variety of other household items.

Sometimes, those older items may have been a part of our lives but it has been a while and now we forget that we ever used them. This video is a prime example. When we need to add oil to our car, we simple buy some at the store, twist off the top and pour it in. That isn’t the way it has always been. For those of you who are under 40, this will be a history lesson. For the rest of us, it is a walk down memory lane.

The tool that is shown in this video is a spout for an oil can. That’s right, we used to have to puncture the top of the can with the tool and then it became it’s own spout. Personally, I think it was a convenient item and one that was never fully replaced with the twist off cap.