The Car Is Scratched So He Breaks Out The WD-40 And Fixes It!

I’ve seen a number of amazing products in my time but it seems as if I always go back to the basics. It seems that, no matter how many times I use them, I am still finding new ways to make them handy. Some of the items that I use regularly include hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and (believe it or not) lemons. Of course, at the top of the list is WD-40, because it can be used for so many different reasons.

If you are still using WD-40 for keeping hinges quiet, you are really missing out on some awesome uses. I use it to remove paint off of my hands and from other surfaces. It also is great for removing stickers. After you see this video, you will no for sure that it can also be used on a car in a rather remarkable way.

I’ve heard about WD-40 being used to remove scratches from a car before but I was always skeptical about the results. Fortunately, the Crazy Russian Hacker gave it a try and I was quite amazed at the results.