They Thought He Was Crazy For Spending $8300 On 400 FT Of Plastic But It Saved His Home

If you live near any of your neighbors, you probably have noticed something that seems obvious to your family. People can be strange, especially if they are not within your little circle of trust. They do things differently than we would do and, at times, they act differently than we would. That was the case with this Texas man, who heard that the flood would be bad. He did something that had the neighbors talking, but they soon were applauding his efforts.

As the flood waters started to climb, the people in the area were not given an option, the evacuations were mandatory. Randy realized he needed to work quickly and, after some quick research, he found the Aqua-Dam.

This little invention is a 400 foot tube that you fill with water. It acts like a giant sandbag and it works by blocking the water from coming in. The initial cost of the makeshift dam was $8300 and the neighbors probably thought he was off his rocker but in the end, it saved his home. Not only that, it saved him a lot of trouble for repairs if he would not have had it.