You Can Keep Your Room Lit For Over A Month With A Potato

Many of us are looking for a way to save the environment, even if we only do so in a very small manner. Perhaps we take to recycling or we may try walking here or there rather than taking our car. Every little bit helps, which is why this little tip is so amazing. What many people don’t know is that there is an alternate form of energy and we may have it in our kitchen! It is a simple potato and when used properly, the potato can be turned into a source of energy that could light an LED bulb for an entire month!

It has long been known that potatoes could be used as a form of battery energy but recent studies have shown that there are ways to be able to use it even further. As an example, a professor of science and agriculture attached a classic copper cathode and zinc anode together with a metal wire conductor and the potato “cooked” for eight minutes. The charged potato could form a source of energy that could be harnessed!

The electrical charge not only running through the potato but it had the ability to illuminate an LED lightbulb for 40 days. Although we may not want to keep a potato in our bedroom for a month, it is nice to know that we have alternatives.

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