You Should Do This With Your Refrigerator Every Month

There are certain things that need to be done around the home, and it doesn’t matter how many times we do them, they are going to come up on the schedule again. For example, many of us make it a habit to wash the dishes every day and if we skip a day, they can really start piling up. There are also many other scheduled tasks around the home, such as cleaning the bathroom, doing laundry or washing the floors. Apparently, many people have been skipping something important along the way.

We all have a refrigerator in the home. It helps to keep our food cold, but it also is a convenience in other ways as well. What many people don’t know is that the refrigerator requires regular maintenance. It may be a little thing, but skipping it could cause bit problems, such as mold or ruining the floor.

Every month, you need to get under the refrigerator and remove this tray. It needs cleaned and replaced. It is a carry over from a time when we didn’t have self defrosting freezers, but it is still important to do.