How To Make Stunning Gazing Balls Cheaply, Quickly And Easily

When it comes to crafting and new ideas I love discovering projects that are really easy and cheap to complete but end up with something totally stunning that becomes a focal point wherever you place it.

When I tell you the supplies required for this project you may well be scratching your head thinking how anyone could ever make something nice and visually stunning, with these, but have patience and wait until you see the finished article. I hate to admit it but those were exactly my thoughts when I first came across this idea.

The end result will be the most stunning gazing balls. As already mentioned this project is really simple and you will only need Smoothfoam balls, paint, flat glass marbles and glue. The important thing here is to get Smoothfoam balls and not Styrofoam as Styrofoam melts easily and also absorbs paint like a sponge, which isn’t what we want. All that is required is to paint the ball and wait for it to dry. Once dry simply glue the flat glass marbles onto the ball, trying to leave as little space as possible. The paint is basically to fill in the gaps where you can’t fit any more marbles. Once the glue has set you are finished and have a beautiful gazing ball that looks much more expensive than it actually cost to make.

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