How To Use Your Throw Away Vegetable Parts To Grow Your Very Own Vegetables

Growing your own vegetables can be a very rewarding experience, they seem to taste better knowing that you were the person respons‎ible fro growing them in the first place. And ironically they are not as difficult to grow as one might expect, in fact with a little bit of knowledge and a huge dollop of patience, you can actually grow your own vegetables from the leftovers. Yes, believe it or not, those parts of the vegetable or fruit that you normally throw away, are able to regenerate and grow a life of their own.

Let’s take onions as a good example. When you slice off the top of the onion, make that cut about four inches or so above the root. ‎Then put those roots in a glass or water for about a week. Then just transfer the onion to the soil outside and wait for the results. I guarantee you these will be the freshest and tastiest onions you have ever tasted.

This is just one example of fruit and vegetables you can grow from scratch using the scraps that most people myself included would throw away. Watch the video below for a lot more ideas including amazingly, pineapple. Pretty exciting if you were able to grow your own pineapples in your back garden. So as the spring rushes towards us now you have no excuse not to get out in the garden with your green fingers growing some healthy fresh fruit and vegetables.

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