Keep Your Hot Tub or Pool Clean with a Tennis Ball

There are many things we may have around the house that are quite convenient, although we may not consider them to be so. In many cases, they will have multiple functions and at times, they may be used for things so different that it will come as a surprise to you. This tip is an example that is going to change the way that you think about a simple ball that you likely have around the home.

Most people use tennis balls for the obvious reason, to play tennis. The fact of the matter is, however, tennis balls have a lot of other uses and you will always keep them on hand once you learn how to use them properly. For example, many people use tennis balls in the dryer to keep static cling at bay. You can also use a tennis ball for removing black scuff marks off the floor!

In the video that you will see below, you will learn a rather unique use for tennis balls, and that is cleaning the pool or hot tub. If you happen to have one at your home, make sure you keep a supply of tennis balls on hand for this very purpose.

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