Man Shows How to Prevent Poison Ivy Rashes

If you have ever had a reaction to poison ivy, you know that it can be quite an uncomfortable feeling. Poison ivy is a plant that grows in North America and Asia, and almost everyone has had contact with this plant at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, many people who do come in contact with it are going to suffer an uncomfortable rash and extreme itching. For others, it could cause a severe reaction and in extreme cases, could even be deadly.

Many of us recognize poison ivy by the old saying, if the leaves number three, let them be. Although it is good in practice to avoid poison ivy, what can you do if you have come in contact with it?

The oil in poison ivy that causes the reaction is Urushiol. It easily transfers from the plant to any other object, and it could last on that object for up to a year. For example, if you were raking in the yard and the rake came into contact with poison ivy, you could touch the rake a year later and still get a rash. That doesn’t mean that the rash is inevitable, and this video shows you a simple way to keep the rash away.

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