Next Time You Break A Ceramic Pot In The Garden Try This Fantastic Little Idea

For those of us who are avid gardeners, we all know that ceramic pots are not the cheapest thing in the world to buy, but they seem to have an unerring knack of getting broken. In most instances once this has happened there is nothing else for it but to throw them into the bin.

However once you watch the video below, you may well discover a use so clever and original, that you might even contemplate braking a pot or two just so you can do this. Or potentially guys, if you are interested in getting your wives involved out in the garden, this could be the perfect project that finally piques her interest.

The presenter basically shows us all how to make a little fairy house or even village inside one of the broken pots. It’s honestly like being let loose with a paint brush and a blank canvas. The only limitations are your imagination, as anything else can be achieved here. And when you are finished these little houses look absolutely amazing. Watch the video below and prepare to be inspired. The next time one of your pots gets broken, it might be a blessing as you can design your own fairy garden.

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