These Tents Will Make You Rethink Camping

There is nothing quite like getting away in the great outdoors, and some people wouldn’t imagine doing it unless they were in a tent. After all, it helps you to reconnect with nature and with only the canvas between you and the outdoors, you certainly get a lot of nature while you’re out there. From time to time, however, an update comes along that really revolutionizes camping and this is one of those updates.

This is the Orange Solar Tent and it finally marries technology along with the great outdoors. It was designed in the UK and originally, was made for use at music festivals but it is not limited to those events. You can take it out in the woods with you and you will be amazed with what you’re able to accomplish, just with a simple tent by your side.

There are many features to consider but perhaps the one you will find most impressive are the solar cells. They generate power throughout the day, so that you can charge batteries or whatever else you need to do. At night, they turn into something quite beautiful, and can really enhance your outdoor enjoyment.

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