It Took A Young Girl To Invent Something That Would Keep Parents From Ever Forgetting Kids In A Car

There is a problem that happens far too often and it is one that has very tragic consequences. It may happen because parents get a little bit too busy when they are going about their day-to-day life or they may just have too much on their mind. Regardless of what the underlying problem is, it results in children being left in a car seat inside of a vehicle.

Although most people recognise that this is a serious problem, there has been very little done to prevent it from happening. That is no longer the case, however, because a nine-year-old girl has come up with a solution that is going to prevent parents from ever forgetting their children in the car again.

Sometimes, the most brilliant solution is one that is the simplest. Although we may have seen a number of attempts at stopping this problem, many of them electronic, it is the simple solution that could really turn the tide. Now that it is available, it is important for every parent to implement this simple strategy and we will see far less tragedy as a result.

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