Man Learns That Every Hotel Room Safe Has Standard Password

More and more frequently, people are becoming concerned about their security. Of course, security has always been a hot topic but it is even more serious now that we live in a world of hidden microphones, cameras and many other types of electronic devices. We want to make sure that our belongings are as safe as possible, not only when we are home but also when we travel. That is why many of us will leave our most expensive belongings in the hotel safe, but doing so may not be the best idea.

All electronic hotel safes seem to work in the same way. You enter in your own password and then the password is cleared when you check out to allow the next person to enter their password. What you may not realize, however, is that there is a default password that is entered at every hotel.

When somebody has access to the default password, they can open absolutely every safe in every room. The default password in this video was all zeros so you may want to just check that out before you leave your most valuable possessions behind.

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