Create An Awesome Penny Tabletop – Looks Wonderful

There are some amazing DIY projects, and you really have your choice of those that are going to look wonderful in your home. Some of the projects are rather inexpensive, and others can cost a pretty penny. This project is not going to cost you a lot of money, but it will cost you about 3500 pretty pennies! Don’t worry, it is still inexpensive, and other than about $35.00 in pennies a table and some blue, it really isn’t going to cost more than a dinner out. The results, however, are amazing.

Something else you will want to keep in mind is that some DIY projects go quickly, others take some time. It may take a while to get all of the pennies in place with this project, but the end result is going to be a custom table that will look wonderful, anywhere in the house!

Perhaps the best part of this project is the glaze coat. It gets poured slowly over the pennies once they are in place and when it dries, they are stuck firmly in their possession. Try this project and before you know it, you will be bragging to your friends about it.

Source: How to create an incredible penny table top by ShabbyDIY on Rumble

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