He Makes A Stunning Staircase Out Of Plywood And Shows You How To Do It Step By Step

When most of us think about DIY projects, we envision one of two different things in our minds. At times, we may feel as if they are relatively simple to do and they are projects that may use supplies, such as use toilet paper rolls, yarn and a hot glue gun. Other DIY projects, however, are a bit more complex but if you put your mind to it and put forth the energy necessary, the results can be absolutely stunning.

The man in this video had a pole in his home, much like a fireman’s pole that went from one floor to the next. He had envisioned having a spiral staircase in the area but the prefabricated options were far too expensive. That is when he decided to build his own out of plywood.

Plywood may seem like a relatively basic material, and it is, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have awesome results when you use it. Apply the suggestions in this video and follow it, step-by-step, and you will have something in your home that you could truly be proud of.

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