Chocolate And Noodles, Not At Strange As It May Sound – Wonderful Easter Birds Nests

Chocolate and noodles are not two ingredients you would normally put together to complement each other but when you see what can be produced by this strange partnership you will certainly want to try it for yourself. With Easter nearly upon us, I can’t believe how quickly this year is passing by, people’s thoughts turn to eggs, chocolate, and other nice goodies. What is often missed is the container to put those delicious eggs in, sure you could go with a plastic container, but a hand made chocolate nest, is just so much nicer.

Because of the ingredients involved, you end up with a delicious and crispy chocolate birds nest.With a little bit of decoration and the addition of a few Cadbury’s eggs, you will have a beautiful easter treat either for the family or to give away to the young children.

The nests are very simple to make, not particularly expensive, and look as great as they taste. There are two different styles of nests as well, so you can have a little bit of variety. The only issue is that once you make one, everyone is going to want one of these, so you might get very busy in the run up to easter. Let us know in the comments how you get on.

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