How to Stock up on Avocado By Freezing Them

Avocados are one of those foods that many of us enjoy eating on a regular basis. We may eat them on their own or we could make them into guacamole. They also go great on a salad and are perfect on the side of almost any dish. The only problem with avocados, however, is the fact that it is quite difficult to get them at their peak ripeness. One day they’re not going to be ripe and on the next, they may be overripe.

It is especially a problem for those who are able to get inexpensive avocados during season. If you buy too many of them, you will never be able to keep up with them and eat all of them before they go bad. That is why it is important to store avocados, and this method is perfect for doing it.

Rather than allowing avocados to go bad, you can freeze them and store them for later use. You might not believe that you can store avocados, but when you do it properly, they will be perfectly usable for a long time. This video shows you how to do it properly.

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