A New Invention Solves One Of The More Frustrating Problems In Healthcare

One of the issues that many of us have to face is having blood drawn when we go to the doctor or the hospital. It wouldn’t be that big of a problem in most cases, but unfortunately, many nurses have a difficulty finding the vein the first time around. At times, it may even take a number of different sticks before they are finally able to get blood and by that time, we are frustrated and sore.

Admittedly, it is not always the nurse’s fault that they are not able to find the vein. Some of us have smaller veins and others may be prone to collapse. In any case, it is no longer going to be a problem, thanks to a new invention that is one of the most brilliant things we have seen it the healthcare market in many years. Quite simply, it is going to change everything.

The invention is known as the VeinViewer and it can be handheld or attached to a rig that is able to scan the skin of the patient. When it does so, it finds the vein and gives the guidance that is necessary so they hit the sweet spot every time.

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