Mum Invents Shopping Cart To Help Special Needs Kids And Seniors

Drew Ann Long is a caring mother of two, and like many mothers, she makes a regular trip to the grocery store. The problem comes in because her daughter is in a wheelchair and she has a two-year-old son that she needs to care for as well. It can be quite difficult to maneuver a wheelchair, a shopping cart and have a young child in tow. That is when she came up with this unique invention.

If you are somebody that is a caretaker, regardless of whether it is for an older individual or a child, you recognize that there are issues that go along with it. In many cases, it is necessary to care for the individual with special needs, even though the world does not make it easy to do so. Long decided to do something about it, so she designed something on her own that is going to help people everywhere.

It is known as Caroline’s cart, named after her daughter who has special needs. It may be a simplistic design, but it is one that is becoming quite popular in grocery stores around the world. This video will show you why.

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