Dad Creates Kids Obstacle Course with Pool Noodles

Remember back to your childhood and try to envision what you did in gym class. Although you may remember calisthenics or perhaps dodgeball, there were also plenty of obstacle courses that kept you active and entertained as well. They certainly were a lot of fun, and now you can bring that fun home so that your children can enjoy it all summer long.

This is a DIY project that is possible for anyone, and it is not only good for the kids, it is great for the adults. After all, when you are able to keep the children occupied during the summer months, it helps to take the pressure off and it keeps everybody satisfied. The best part is, you likely have most of what you need for this DIY project already, if you don’t have them all.

Building an obstacle course in your backyard is fairly simple, and it gives you the opportunity to show a little creativity as well. Once you have it set up, you are not only going to keep your own children laughing and having fun, the neighborhood children are going to want to join in as well.

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