How to Use Egg Shells in Your Garden

We are entering perhaps my favorite time of year, a time when spring is just around the corner and our thoughts turn from shoveling the sidewalk to planting a garden. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy looking at a beautifully grown garden or if you love eating the produce, this tip will help you to get more out of the garden you grow.

One of the problems that can occur with the garden is blossom end rot. It is a problem that is much less likely to happen if the soil is rich in calcium. What many people don’t realize is that egg shells are one of the greatest sources of calcium for the garden, and they are something that you probably throw away!

Of course, it’s not as simple as storing your egg shells in a bag. You need to clean them properly to make sure that harmful bacteria doesn’t grow and they need to be ground into a fine powder. Fortunately, the method of keeping egg shells for this purpose is easy and it is explained in step-by-step instructions in this video. Take advantage of egg shells in your garden this year and enjoy what it brings to the table.

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