Doctors Are Urging Dog Owners Not To Let Your Dog Lick You Or You Could Get Sick

Anybody who has ever had a dog as part of their family recognises that they have a few habits that take some getting used to. One of those habits is they like to lick people, and some dog owners don’t seem to mind but no doctors are urging dog owners everywhere to avoid this habit. When you find out why you will have to agree with them.

First of all, it’s good to know why dogs lick in the first place. For the most part, they lick as a way to communicate with other dogs and, since you are part of the pack, they will lick you. They also lick humans because they have a familiar taste or sent as well as to get some attention. Finally, it is a way that they can show some attention to their owners.

Those factors don’t sound very bad but when you think about what is inside of a dog smells, that is where the truth comes in. Most people were under the mistaken assumption that a dog has a very clean mouth but in fact, it may contain a number of diseases including ringworm, E. coli, staff and MRSA. This video has more information.

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