Turn a Plain Candle into a Photo Candle

When it comes to giftgiving, people tend to be separated into different groups. For some people, giftgiving is a matter of going down to your local Target and finding the perfect present from off of the shelves. Other people, however, tend to be a little more creative with their giftgiving and they would rather make something that comes from the heart. Both are acceptable but if you want to get creative for your next gift, this is an awesome idea.

The video below gives you instructions on how to create 3 different photo gifts, and you will be amazed with what is possible. Perhaps my favorite of the gifts, however, is a photograph that is imprinted onto a regular candle. It is possible for anyone to do it and when you do it properly, the results are awesome! I don’t know any grandparent that would not love getting one of these personalized presents.

Photographs are one of the most personal things that you could give as a gift. Giving them in a unique way, however, allows them to be enjoyed much more than simply handing over some printed paper or a memory stick.

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