Do This Simple Exercise Every Other Day for One Month to Banish Arm Flab

As we get older, we begin to notice certain things about our body and in many cases, they are not welcome. For some women, it comes in the form of flab underneath the arm and the tone of the arm is almost completely gone. They are affectionately referred to as “bat wings” but the problem itself is no laughing matter. It can make you self-conscious and if it isn’t cared for, it could lead to permanent issues.

For some people, flabby arms occur because of loose skin and being out of shape but for other people, it has to do with being overweight. When you have a problem with your weight and you don’t have any arm tone, the problem can be much worse.

Getting rid of bat wings is not only about what to avoid, it’s about what you should do as well. For example, you should not avoid your bathroom scale if you are trying to tone your arms. Keeping track of your weight and making any changes necessary to keep your health at a high level is imperative if you are going to make changes to your physique.

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