Turn an Old TV Cabinet into a Fantastic Play Kitchen

We live in a time in which many children are fixated on electronic devices. If they aren’t watching TV, they are playing on a cell phone or tablet and it is difficult to get them to play any “real games” in the real world. That isn’t the case for everyone, and many children will readily play with toys, if it is the option that they are given. That is the case with Tara’s son, who loves helping out in the kitchen and playing chef.

That is when Tara came up with the brilliant idea to take the old TV cabinet and make it into a play kitchen for her son. When you look at each compartment, it is perfect to create the faux kitchen appliance that she wanted.

The side shelf is to become a refrigerator and the middle shelf a play stove. The two bottom compartments are a dishwasher and an oven. It takes a few modifications and some paint, but the project turns out fantastic when all is said and done. It’s better than anything you could possibly buy at a store!

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