A Brilliant Trick to Cutting an Onion without Crying

Many of us enjoy cooking but we don’t necessarily like everything that goes along with it. One of the problems that many people face is a difficulty cutting onions, because it tends to make them cry. Although this is a natural reaction, but it can be quite inconvenient and it certainly is uncomfortable. Fortunately, there is a simple trick to cutting an onion that will keep you from crying ever again in the kitchen.

Not only does this video tell you how to cut an onion without crying, it also provides additional information on how to cut an onion correctly. Many people are concerned about throwing way too much of the onion, or perhaps they’re worried about getting the slices just right. As it turns out, there is a correct way to cut an onion and after you see this video, you will know it!

Many people don’t realize why you cry when you cut an onion. It is because there is a gas that is released known as Propanethiol S-oxide. It mixes with the enzymes in the onion, creating sulfur gas that irritates the eyes. The only time you should cut an onion the old way from this point forward as if you need a good cry.

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