Your Bedroom Can Be Transformed with a Light up Headboard

There are many ways to update the home and there certainly is no shortage of DIY projects. One area of the home that you may want to upgrade is the bedroom, and after you see this project, you will be amazed with how much of a difference it can make for only a few dollars and a little bit of work.

It is a light up headboard, and is the perfect alternative for individuals who do not have a standard headboard. For this project, you will need a curtain rod, hanging hooks, white rods and mini lights. Gather all of your supplies together and then you can get started straight away on this project that will light up your bedroom in a very interesting way.

If you are uncomfortable using an electric drill, you may need to get some help with hanging the curtain rod but other than that, it is a relatively simple DIY project. The hanging hook command strips simply stick to the wall and draping the lights over those hooks gives you the look that you desire with very minimal effort. Try it, you would be surprised with what kind of the difference it makes.

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