Apparently, Most People Don’t Know What To Do With Different Types Of Onions

As we go through the supermarket, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the choices. That is especially true of the vegetable section, and you might be surprised with how many options are available. One vegetable that seems to be a favorite and works its way into many recipes is the onion. When shopping for onions, many of us look for the type that is on sale but is the the right way to do things?

You might be surprised with exactly how versatile the onion is. You can eat it raw (although not everyone likes the taste), use it in soups or caramelize them to add a nice addition to many dishes. In addition, each type of onion has it’s own characteristics and choosing the right onion will make a difference in your enjoyment of it.

Knowing the difference between onion types and how to handle them is going to enhance your time in the kitchen. This video will help walk you through the process and you will not only be smarter when it is over, you will be a much more efficient cook.

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