He Shakes A Can Of Soda But When He Opens It? No Explosion!

It is perhaps one of the most notorious practical jokes of all time and at one point or another, we have fallen victim to it. We are craving a soda and out “friend” is kind enough to get one for us. Before the hand off, however, they secretly shake the can to build up the gasses on the inside. When we open the can, expecting some refreshment, it only gives us a quick shower of soda fizz.

That joke may have been around for a while but now, there is a way to counter the problem. It is a scientific method, demonstrated here by Carl Nelson of the Imagination Station. When he is handed a can of soda that is ready to pop, he uses this method to keep it from exploding in his face.

Admittedly, you do need to know there is an issue in advance before you use this method. That being said, it is something you can do, not only to get out of a cruel practical joke, but you can repeat it to amaze your friends and family. It’s something that you will appreciate knowing.

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