The Truth About Those Measuring Tape Diamond Shapes

When you need to measure something, you have a limited amount of options. Some people may reach for a ruler or perhaps a yardstick, depending upon the circumstances, but most people will go directly to the toolbox or a kitchen drawer and grab a tape measure. They are perhaps one of the handiest tools we have at our disposal and they are also one of the most frequently used.

Although you have likely been using a tape measure for many years, you probably only use it for the most basic reasons. Perhaps it is to measure a space so you can hang a picture or you may be measuring a wall in the bedroom to see if a new piece of furniture will fit. If you examine the measuring tape closely, however, you will see that there are markings that most people never use.

Understanding the reason behind these markings can give you a better appreciation for the tool that you are using. Admittedly, you may not use those markings on a regular basis but when you have a need for them, it will make this handy tool even handier.

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