This “Coat Hook” Is Actually a Hidden Camera

The technology we are dealing with in the world today is quite impressive. We have everything from computers that practically do the thinking for you to cars that drive themselves. Unfortunately, technology has also resulted in some very bad advances in the human race, one of them being the possibility of individuals spying on you. It is easier to do now than ever before, and you might be quite shocked at what is possible.

They say that to be forewarned is to be forearmed, and that is what this page is attempting to do for you. When you understand what to look for and the potential for people spying on you, the possibility of avoiding it increases greatly. A good example is this simple coat hook camera, and they are popping up in hotel rooms in various areas.

It may look like a regular coat hook, but looks can be deceiving. To be certain, this “coat hook” is actually a miniature camera and it can take high definition video of anyone in its range. It is also motion activated, so the moment you enter the room, it starts taking video of you. If you see one of these in your hotel room, call 911 immediately!

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