He Puts Ice Cubes On His Burgers And They Turn Out So Moist

There is almost an endless variety of ways to prepare food but for some people, there’s nothing like firing up the grill and cooking the food over fire. It doesn’t matter if you are having a family barbecue or if you’re just throwing a burger on the grill for yourself, it gives it a flavour that is just not possible when you cook it in the kitchen.

Of course, many of us pride ourselves on our abilities at the grill and we may be perfectly happy with what we do but when we can learn a tip here or there, it can really help us to set the bar higher.

The tricks that are in this video can help to take your grilling game to a much higher level. Some of them involve cooking the food, such as putting a pat of butter or an ice cube on top of the burger to help keep it moist as it is cooking. Others involve cleaning and safety, including cleaning your grill with aluminum foil rather than a metal brush. Take these tips to your next session at the grill and you will be happy with how things turn out.

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